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セキネ ヒロキ 写真展









About " Tokyo Skins"

Tokyo, the central city of politics, economics and culture, has repeatedly metabolized like a living thing violently.


The traces of the life of the people who have been generated in the process become “ Afterimage ” which encloses

the individuality of the place, and it forms “ Skin ” on the surface of what it was placed on the outside of the build

-ing and the construct, the drawn one, the one left, and the reflected one.

I have been wandering every day searching for various Skins in Tokyo.


In order to express such Tokyo using photos, I started the “ Tokyo Skins ” project which samples “Skins”

​セキネ ヒロキ ( Hiroki Sekine )


1967年 東京生まれ。週末ふぉとぐらふぁ。 東京を中心に街を彷徨っては「ヒト・モノ・コト」

を撮り続けて います。

『モノクロ展』(AAAギャラリー)や『NGPアンデパンダン展』 (AAAギャラリー、アートコンプ

レックス・センター・オブ・ 東京)など多くのグループ展に参加。

I was born in 1967, inTokyo .  I am “ Weekend Photographer ”. I wander in the town of Tokyo,

I continue shooting various things in Tokyo. I participated in many group exhibitions , "Monochrome exhibition" (AAA gallery) , "NGP Salon des Artistes Independants exhibition"

(AAA gallery, The  Artcomplex center of Tokyo), and more .